Patient Services


75 Minutes
Most clinic visits are this type. You may choose this option for your first visit, or opt for a longer option depending on your needs.


* $115 - Beginning 2018



1 Hour 45 Minutes
If you want more education up front or have extra questions for me, this option gives you an extra half hour chatting / education time plus the full acupuncture session. An Extended Visit requires me to block 2 regular patient visits to provide us purely you-focused time together.

$175 Daytime Visit
$220 4pm or Later Visit

* $230 for Either - Beginning 2018



2 Hours 30 Minutes
If you want to cover multiple key DIY concepts all up front, or have lots of questions, you'll get an extra hour and a half of chatting / education time plus the full acupuncture session. Due to the length of a Deluxe First Visit, they must be scheduled outside of my regular clinic hours.

$255 Daytime Visits Only

* $275 Daytime Visits Only - Beginning 2018

Additional Options


Need to get in right away? I'm happy to come in during "off" hours to see you when possible.

$155 M - F
$175 Weekends

 * $160 M - F - Beginning 2018
* $180 Weekends - Beginning 2018



Sometimes things can feel like they're all on you. If your partner or another support person wants to come to a session with you, they are always welcome to listen to any education for free. Add a seated mini auricular (ear) acupuncture treatment for them in addition to your regular visit so you can both learn and relax together. Additional paperwork must be completed in advance.

$15 Add-On

* $20 Add-On - Beginning 2018



Postpartum? In labor? On bed rest? Let me come to you! I'll spend 90 minutes at your home, birthing center or hospital and drive up to 20 miles each way to bring a treatment (and balance) to you.

$195 M - F
$215 Weekends

* $200 M - F - Beginning 2018
* $220 Weekends - Beginning 2018



Coming from a distance? Working with another acupuncturist, but craving more education? I work with women from around the country and can arrange a 1/2 day or full day consultation and get you all the self-care and education you need in one fell swoop. Partners welcome. On-site overnight accommodations can be arranged.

Email For Details

IVF Day of Transfer

IVF Day of Transfer treatments include:
Email correspondence to follow your progress leading up to your transfer
Individual differential diagnosis - I never use a one-size-fits-all protocol approach
A 30 - 45 minute mini-class on the anatomy of a transfer / embryo, implantation 101, and how to cope with the stress around waiting for your pregnancy test
Post-transfer email on key common concerns
Beta HCG (pregnancy test) follow-up
Travel time to and from your clinic
Actual time at the IVF clinic and 1 or 2 acupuncture treatments



Both a pre and a post-transfer treatment at CCRM, RMIA or CRM/Life Healing Life.

$300 Life Healing Life Patients
$325 Non-Patients

* $300 Life Healing Life Patients - Beginning 2018
* $350 Non-Patients - Beginning 2018



Either a pre or a post-transfer treatment at CCRM, RMIA or CRM.

$200 Life Healing Life Patients
$250 Non-Patients

* $200 Life Healing Life Patients - Beginning 2018
* $250 Non-Patients - Beginning 2018


Take-Home Post Session Add-On

If I cannot stay for the full post-transfer session due to my schedule or you want to save on cost, you may opt for a mini "take-home" treatment instead of a full post treatment. I'll place tiny, painless sticker needles on appropriate points, then you are able to remove them at home. Watch a video featuring these special Pyonex stick-on needles.

$20 Add-On


Pricing / Availability Notes

Established Life Healing Life patients already have their pattern assessments and monitoring covered during regular visits, so you'll see rates for existing patients are slightly lower. While I do my best to help as many women as possible, I do prioritize my regular patient needs and may not be able to accommodate all requests. In other words, all visits are subject to availability.