At Life Healing Life, we know that fertility challenges are often the most difficult problem a woman and couple has ever been faced with. The repeated and rapid succession of hope and sadness, frustration of feeling helpless, high cost (financially, emotionally and more), and deep and personal desire to be a parent are all reasons why taking care of your WHOLE self is important. 

From achieving the obvious goal - when you are more balanced (with healthy circulation, lower stress levels, healthy hormone levels), you are more fertile! - to the more subtle quality of life issues and life beyond fertility challenges - how to come through this feeling stronger, have fewer side effects, navigate incredibly hard choices, feel supported and learn skills that will serve you well no matter where life takes you! Taking time to take care of you is an investment you will never regret.

When your emotional world is out of balance it is as though a filter is clouding your whole life and everything you see and do. Concerns such as anxiety and depression are a whole body experience - not just your mind. There are ripples: physical, social, spiritual and beyond. 

In TCM, emotional imbalances (just like all main complaints) are messengers - your body’s way of bringing your attention to areas that need help and stability. Not only is it essential to listen, but it is important to explore the root source. Sometimes it is easy to see the moment an imbalance starts (perhaps a significant trauma or loss), while for others it is a slow and cumulative slide into them (years of unhealthy or immoderate living, a whole childhood of poor precedents.) As a member of your team of practitioners, Nicole is especailly honored to help you listen to emotions and help you return to a fuller, more empowered version of you. 


Nicole is happy to work with women in all phases of life. From specific women’s health concerns such as menstrual irregularities, hormonal concerns, peri-menopause and menopause symptoms, to the exciting and important times of being a woman such as pregnancy (especially after prior challenges), childbirth, welcoming a child, breastfeeding, or simply rebranding yourself a a woman in a new phase of life. Some of the greatest joys come from working with women through many stages and phases of their journeys and getting to know them as their life unfolds.


Did you know,
Nicole is different than most
acupuncturists in two important ways?

1.  Many holistic practitioners claim to specialize in the marketable areas of women’s health and fertility while truly maintaining a very general practice. Nicole was the first and remains one of the few TCM practitioner in the region to exclusively work in these areas, she educated other acupuncturists, nurses, REs and fertility clinic staff on the very best holistic women's health practices.

2.  Nicole is uniquely education focused. While many acupuncturists aim to "fix you" with tools like acupuncture, strict recommendations and herbs, Nicole firmly believes that YOU are the most powerful person when it comes to your own health & wellness and no matter what she does TO you, you can help (or hinder) your goals in dramatic ways. Nicole wants to help you realize your areas for growth, optimize your efforts, and ultimately learn the best skills, tools and concepts needed to not only get better, but to truly live well.  By seeing herself as here to serve rather than as a "fixer", you become a team - no ego, no pushy advice that only adds to your stress and breaks your budget. Truly Life Healing Life.


Nicole Lange, L.Ac., Ma.OM

The superior physician does not just treat disease, but teaches society and helps form the intentions of humanity.
— Sun Si Miao (founding father of TCM)

Nicole graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University's Masters of Oriental Medicine program with honors in 2006 making her one of the most experienced fertility acupuncturists in the Twin Cities. Prior to graduation, she completed internships at the Edith Davis teaching clinic as well as Abbott Hospital's Institute for Health and Healing. She is board certified through the National Committee for the Certification of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and the Minnesota medical board. While earning her master's degree, she simultaneously completed additional, extensive training in fertility, gynecology, obstetrics and holistic emotional & grief work. After being offered positions with nationally renown fertility experts and some of the best in the field, she did some soul searching and decided to follow her own heart of hearts. She launched her private practice and created her own unique model of care rooted in education and Patient Centered Holism. Ultimately a newold model of holistic care was formed - a powerful combination of age-old whole body healing, an understanding the most cutting edge western developments and research, an awareness of the stresses and pressures specific to modern life, and most importantly, a respect for each unique individual's story, values, beliefs and healing processes. This approach allows Nicole to create connections and partnerships with each of her patients and truly work together. As your partner, she learns from you and believes there is something much greater in the whole than the parts - this is Life Healing Life, not practitioner healing patient. She now teaches other acupuncturists her methods at lectures and seminars worldwide. 

No man is a good healer who has never been sick himself.
— Chinese Proverb

Nicole came to Chinese medicine after a deeply personal journey. Originally committed to the study of genetics and Western medicine, she found herself questioning everything she thought she knew after experiencing physical, sexual and emotional trauma and being hospitalized for nearly a month. Eventually, this new form of medicine came into her life and not only changed her, but left her inspired and renewed to help others on their own unique journeys. Nicole's firsthand experience of not only pain and suffering, but hope and truly whole person healing, has left her passionate about sharing and empowering others. She could not imagine anything she would love doing more (aside from being a parent herself), and every day and interaction at Life Healing Life is an absolute honor. 

If you want to become whole, let yourself be partial.
If you want to become straight, let yourself be crooked.
If you want to become full, let yourself be empty.
If you want to become reborn, let yourself die.
If you want to be given everything, give everything up.
— Tao Te Ching

Nicole is married to the absolute love of her life (an excellent graphic designer - this website for instance - talented musician and all around good guy) Mark. They live in the Longfellow neighborhood and, together, are raising two kids who regularly teach them a thing or two - Georgia and James. For all the ups and downs that come with the turf of living, life is very good.


For Individuals.

Because of the unique and educational basis of Nicole’s model of patient care, many new patients begin with two 2-1/2 hour sessions.* During the first visit, an in-depth family and personal history and lifestyle assessment, as well as an initial acupuncture treatment, are conducted. During the second session, specific diagnosis, prognosis, treatment strategy, a foundation of holistic concepts, and lifestyle suggestions (stress reduction, exercise, food therapy, etc) are covered and a second treatment is given. Subsequent visits are 75 minutes long.  

Because Nicole's focus is on education, most patients see her less frequently and still have better results than with "typical" acupuncture. She does not bill insurance (read why here), but is happy to give you a receipt with billing codes which may allow you partial reimbursement for your treatments. Your insurance may allow you to use your HSA funds.  

*If starting with the longer visits won't work for you,
Nicole is happy to modify visits and jump into 75 minute visits instead.
If you are unsure which type of first visit is right for you,

you may find this blog post helpful.

For Groups.

With Nicole’s mission to “teach society and help form the intentions of humanity,” she has done hundreds of group presentations. From teaching the holistic healers of today and tomorrow, general DIY public sessions, educating nurses, REs, and medical staff on holistic fertility, general fertility and infant loss conferences, and more, Nicole LOVES teaching! Please contact her if you would like to explore ways she could help you or your organization. Fees are based on organization type (pro bono where appropriate.)

Nicole offers monthly retreats. Perfect for those who may not have the time or resources to do one-on-one work, or for whom one-on-one work is no longer needed (but gentle reminders and tune ups feel good). THESE RETREATS ARE OPEN TO ALL (men and women 16+ years old -teens need guardian authorization). Find out more or reserve your space at an upcoming retreat here.