No one really wants to be on this page. Fertility challenges can be some of the hardest times a woman or couple face. None of this is one bit fair. But the good news is I’d love to help, and I can!


You have two voices.

There’s a good chance you have two voices in your head. One voice is saying ‘do more,’ ‘work harder’ or ‘do whatever it takes to beat this!’ This part of you calculates a thousand ifs and whens per day. As you are reading this, this voice is whispering in your ear, ‘maybe there’s just one more supplement we should be taking right now.’

Then there’s another part of you. This is the other voice in your head. This one is saying she is sick and tired of putting your whole life on hold. ‘You know better!’ she shouts. This voice says she just wants to get off the roller coaster of ups and downs and reminds you that your life used to feel pretty amazing until "trying" took over. And just when you think it's time to start listening to this voice, the first one chimes back in ‘you’re only getting older.’ 

The struggle between these two voices is real. For most women, "trying" has come to feel at odds or even incompatible with enjoying life and being in balance. Did you know research has actually shown trying to conceive for 2+ years leaves women with as high or even higher levels of anxiety and depression as having cancer? Yet, if you had cancer, others would actually know what to say. They’d bring you meals and flowers. With fertility? Not so much.

I promise you, the two voices can make peace.

In fact, they need to make peace if you really want a healthy baby with a healthy mom. You must find a balance that really works - between being proactive and also letting go. So we'll work as a team. Together we'll explore the choices you can make that will give you real time results and empower you to feel good about letting go of things that stress you out. You’ll feel better, supported, sane ... and fertility will follow. Instead of merely forcing a fix you’ll cultivate true wellness, and the results are a healthier, vibrant, thriving baby, mom and family - and that is the real goal. I promise I can help!

- Nicole

Still deciding if you'd
like to work with me?
Here's some FAQ.



So, What's A Visit Like?

20 - 25 minutes to chat / education ^

5 - 10 minutes with needles in and continued chatting

30 minutes cozy and quiet rest or guided meditation with needles in place

5 - 10 minutes of Tui Na (Chinese massage) or other accessory techniques *

5 - 10 minute check out

Resources / handouts on any covered education will be emailed after each visit

If something comes up between visits, email me. I work with a limited number of women per week so I can give you my all. I have time set aside to do that, and I actually like hearing from you! 

* * *

^ We’ll start with what you want and need the most and expand as we go. At first you might just want me to answer your questions and explain how various fertility drugs or acupuncture treatments work. Or we might jump into talking about how your blood sugar influences your hormones, how to avoid the trap of feeling stressed about feeling stressed (it’s possible!), ways to grieve and honor loss with rituals, how gratitude can help you reconnect with your partner, or one of about a billion other of my favorite ideas (seriously, so many options). I absolutely love teaching you how to take charge and help yourself. 

* Accessory techniques are often added to my treatments. These may include cupping (you too can be like Michael Phelps), moxibustion (a treatment to warm various acupuncture points), Gua Sha (dermal friction mostly used for colds), and last but definitely not least, electro-stim (for improving uterine blood flow and other stress, circulatory or pain concerns).



What will I get if I work with you?

Check my Life Healing Life Promise to see my commitment and declaration to you.



What are your rates?

Take a look at my current menu of rates and treatment options. 




The short answer is no, I do not.
But read my article to understand why and find ways to make visits more affordable.



How can you help if I’m planning to do IVF?

I've written a great article with some fascinating information on that one.



What if I just want acupuncture
during my embryo transfer?

Go ahead and take a look at this useful article.



When Is The Right Time To work with you?

We can make progress no matter where you are in your journey - doing IUI, IVF, trying au natural, thinking of living child free or adopting. In fact, most women see so much benefit they continue some level of care during their pregnancies too. 



When do you work?

I see patients at my office: 

Mondays  12:30 - 9:30p
Wednesdays  12:30 - 9:30p
Thursdays  5:45 - 9:30p
Fridays  8:30a - 2:00p

* * *

I'm on-call for time sensitive IVF and other needs in the mornings 6 days a week, most weeks. I must prioritize my regular patients' needs over one-time IVF patients, but I do have a back up available who may be able to see you if my schedule does not work for your needs.