Hey there!
although i don't know what brings you here (yet), I can't wait to learn all about your health and wellness wishes, needs, goals - and so much more about you! one thing i do know is that you are so much greater than the sum of your parts. and by working together, you can have a HEALTHIER, more balanced amazing life.


I’m incredibly education-focused.

98% of the work I do falls into at least one of three groups.

Women struggling with fertility.

Women working on holistic wellness.

Women with emotional health concerns -
particularly trauma, grief and anxiety.

Here's some examples of
patients I love to work with. 

Women who are experiencing a whole constellation of symptoms, who intuitively know are related.
Of course your terrible PMS, headaches, fitful sleep and irritability are connected - let’s talk!

* * *

Women who struggle with anxiety and cannot turn their brains off.
Hello my bosom sister!

* * *

Women who are grieving.
I’m so very sorry. I'd love to help.  

* * *

Women who have hormonal concerns.
Thyroid issues? Perimenopause meltdowns? Post birth control pill or IUD period mysteries?

* * *

Women who are looking for a more supported and awesome pregnancy or childbirth experience.
From morning sickness, to gearing up for a great birth and even - YES! - being a more balanced and holistic mom for this new little human.

You get the idea. And if you can relate, you’re definitely in the right place! Now I'm sorry, but if you are a dude with a sore shoulder or a woman seeking an acupuncture facial, I'm not the one for you. But you can search for other nationally board certified acupuncturists who will be a better fit for your needs.

I honestly couldn’t imagine doing anything that I’d love more than this.

It is a constant joy to get to REALLY know women in some of the most amazing, tender, vulnerable places of their lives. Thanks for considering inviting me in. If I’m the right fit for you, let’s talk. I know we can kick a little holistic butt together.

- Nicole


Still deciding if you'd
like to work with me?
Here's some FAQ.



So, What's A Visit Like?

20 - 25 minutes to chat / education ^

5 - 10 minutes with needles in and continued chatting

30 minutes cozy and quiet rest or guided meditation with needles in place

5 - 10 minutes of Tui Na (Chinese massage) or other accessory techniques *

5 - 10 minute check out

Resources / handouts on any covered education will be emailed after each visit

If something comes up between visits, email me. I work with a limited number of women per week so I can give you my all. I have time set aside to do that, and I actually like hearing from you! 

* * *

^ We’ll start with what you want and need the most and expand as we go. At first you might just want me to answer your questions and explain how acupuncture treatments work or whether your supplements make sense for you. Or we might jump into talking about how your blood sugar influences your hormones, how to avoid the trap of feeling stressed about feeling stressed (it’s possible!), ways to grieve and honor loss with rituals, how gratitude can help you reconnect with your partner, or one of about a billion other of my favorite ideas (seriously, so many options). I absolutely love teaching you how to take charge and help yourself. 

* Accessory techniques are often added to my treatments. These may include cupping (you too can be like Michael Phelps), moxibustion (a treatment to warm various acupuncture points), Gua Sha (dermal friction mostly used for colds), and last but definitely not least, electro-stim (for improving uterine blood flow and other stress, circulatory or pain concerns).



What will I get if I work with you?

Check out my Life Healing Life Promise to see my commitment and declaration to you.



How often Should I come to see you?

Go ahead and take a look at this useful article.



What are your rates?

Take a look at my current menu of rates and treatment options. 




The short answer is no, I do not.
But read my article to understand why and find ways to make visits more affordable.



When do you work?

I see patients at my office: 

Mondays  12:30 - 9:30p
Wednesdays  12:30 - 9:30p
Thursdays  5:45 - 9:30p
Fridays  8:30a - 2:00p

* * *

I'm on-call for time sensitive IVF and other needs in the mornings 6 days a week, most weeks. I must prioritize my regular patients' needs over one-time patient needs, but I will do my best to point you in the right direction when I cannot work with you.