A Safe and Sustainable Space

I'm located in a beautiful and historic building in the heart of midtown Minneapolis, across the street from the American Swedish Institute, and only blocks from Abbott Northwestern hospital and the Midtown Global Market.

Life Healing Life
2615 Park Ave S, SUITE B4
Minneapolis, MN 55407


" It is in your hands to make of our world a better one for all, especially the poor, vulnerable and marginalized. "

- Nelson Mandela

Life Healing Life is:

Safe and Inclusive.

* You are a person first and foremost. *

We promise compassion and kindness for all human beings who walk through our doors. We are honored to serve you whatever your skin color, body type, sexual preference or gender identity may be. You are welcome here no matter what your religion or where you were born. If you are a person with a disability you are a person first and foremost. All are warmly welcome here!  



* 137 separate loans in over 43 countries. *

Since 2006, Life Healing Life and the Lange family have regularly contributed to Through Kiva, loans to people all over the world - who wouldn’t otherwise have access - are privately funded. Each small contribution adds up and can be relent over and over again. As of April 2018 we’ve made 137 separate loans in over 43 countries from Armenia to Uganda and Vietnam!

Life Healing Life supports groups who are peacefully working for racial equality, women’s and reproductive rights and refugee support. From donations to drives and volunteering, we believe actions speak louder than words. 


* It's all about small and cumulative changes. *

The news and events happening in our world can sometimes feel discouraging. We ask ourselves, “What can I do? How can just one person make a difference?” We believe the answer is the same as what it takes to heal our own bodies - it’s all about small and cumulative changes.

So in that spirit we created Love is Larger cards and Facebook page (@loveislargercard). These business sized cards have phrases rooted in Metta, or loving kindness, printed on them along with the words "share this card." We encourage you to make your own ripples in the world. Share some of our cards, a smile or some other act of kindness, and change the world.


* Lessen our individual footprints on the earth. *

The earth is important to us and our future. We use green cleaning supplies and wind power. We compost and recycle. Even our toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper or other green-grown fibers, and helps fund organizations working to improve access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation in developing countries. Our entire clinic generates less than one bag of trash every 2 weeks. Our teas are organic, non-GMO and manufactured and packaged sustainably. Patient files and handouts are nearly 100% paper-free. 

The clinic itself is a 1300+ square foot healing collective called Spaces at Life Healing Life. We created and chose to share this beautiful space with a variety of amazing practitioners to build community as well as lessen our individual footprints on the earth.