" Here are my top, favORITE people AND places. They are in no particular order and are best suited for different needs - grief AND loss, marriage, postpartum, infertility - AND I’ve noted what they are passionate about as well as any first hand experience they have. Read them over, check out their locations and websites and hopefully you’ll find a fit you’ll love! "



Trisha Falvey

I know Trisha through the fertility community and she is a passionate and open-minded collaborator in helping women and couples get stronger through a difficult process. She is a lovely woman and very holistic. She sees a lot of couples and does LGBT work too. 

1st Hand Experience - LGBTQ, IVF, 3rd party IVF


Katrin Christensen-Cowan

Uptown - Minneapolis
Katrin is a fantastic human being and is especially skilled, compassionate and passionate about working with grief and loss. Katrin is also a workshop leader, yoga practitioner and has her own absolutely amazing fertility journey. Her husband Dan works at the same office and sees mostly men which can be a great fit for male partners.

 1st Hand Experience - Infant loss, fertility struggles, adoption, pregnancy after loss / infertility


Debbie & Debbie at Partners(in)Fertility

These ladies are fantastic! Both are compassionate, skillful and steeped in experience when it comes to fertility and infant loss concerns. Even if you don’t see them, check out their website. It’s got great information.

1st Hand Experience -  Loss and infertility, fertility treatments


Psychotherapy & Healing Associates

Multiple Locations
This is a fairly large group of therapists working together that specializes in mostly pregnancy / postpartum work as well as a fair amount of fertility work. Krista Post (the owner/founder) is one of the founders of the MN Post Partum Support Network and is passionate of post partum anxiety and depression awareness and services!

1st Hand Experience -  varies! Krista Post - Donor egg IVF, parenting multiples


Maureen Champion “The Marriage Geek”

Maureen is awesome at couples therapy! She doesn’t take new clients often. But it doesn’t hurt to ask and she regularly brings on additional people to train / work with her, and does workshops too. She has a great weekly newsletter that I would HIGHLY encourage you to sign up for even if you don’t see her, because she gives great little ideas, encouragement, etc on marriage and parenting. She’s one of my favorite people on marriage! Sign up for her newsletter, it’s once a week and you won’t regret it!

1st Hand Experience -  varies! Maureen - Divorce, positive parenting, anything marriage, birth trauma


Pregnancy & Postpartum Support MN

Varies and Over the Phone
This is a volunteer run organization that focuses on pregnancy and post partum mental health and advocacy with a special focus on time sensitive postpartum and pregnancy mental health needs. If you are feeling overwhelmed and need to talk to someone don’t hesitate to reach out to their Helpline (call, text, email). See also the walk-in urgent mental health clinic listed below. They also have a list of providers who are interested and experienced in these stages of life on their website for less time sensitive needs!


Shelly Graf

Shelly is one of the most calming people to be around. She specializes in mindful and compassion-based therapy. She works a ton with teens and in the schools, but does see some adults. Shelly is gentle and kind and I highly recommend her if her location isn’t too far away for you.

1st Hand Experience - LGBTQ, social justice, mindful trauma based therapy


Center for Grief, Loss and Transition

St. Paul
This group of therapists can be a very good fit for a lot of the work we do together at Life Healing Life. Grief and loss is a key emotional facet of fertility struggles, and the very situational nature of depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc that come with the turf are well-matched for the approach taken at a grief and loss focused clinic. They also host group sessions for loss of parents, partners, trauma, suicide, and art based grief therapy.


Laura Rademacher

Laura is the amazing marriage and sex therapist who has taught at my Sexy Back events. I love her and her work. She’s spoken all over the world and has even written the book (literally) on female pleasure. She is a wealth of body and sex positive knowledge and is worth seeing if you are struggling with libido, pleasure, connection, body changes, and so many other intersections of sex and life. You’ll love her. She makes what can be a scary topic into an empowering and healthy way to work on your big picture.


SkyHill and Cedar Hill Therapy

Edina - SkyHill and Cedar Hill
Maple Grove - Cedar Hill Only

These clinics have fantastic groups of therapists who really make it their business to know all things sex, relationship and sex, and body and sex. Laura Rademacher started here and has since branched out on her own. I have met the owners and done workshops with them and know they are also really great. They are especially well-suited for body and sex questions (libido, vaginal atrophy, sex while sober, sex after baby, etc) because they have a nurse on site who can do exams and answer sensitive sexual / physical questions about changes in vaginal tissue post menopause, with cancer treatments, etc, as well as therapists who do both individual and couples sessions. SkyHill is the cash / no insurance clinic. Cedar Hill is the insurance-based clinic. They also host workshops for professionals and laypeople on sex and relationship topics.

WALK-In Urgent Mental Health Needs

If you cannot wait to get into the above providers and are feeling overwhelmed by your mental health needs, please consider calling a hotline listed at the top of this page or using one of these two walk-in clinics. These providers will not give ongoing care, but can help you through acute crises and the first can prescribe medications when need be. Do not hesitate to call 911, or use the national suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


" Here are some additional suggestions that I know less about, but either recently met or have been highly recommended by others. "


Mindful Families / Alison Peterson

These women are especially focused on postpartum mommas (all but one has struggled with either postpartum anxiety or depression) as well as kiddos. As their name implies they are very mindfulness-based, and I recently had the chance to meet Alison (founder) and found her very professional and lovely. They do Mindful Mondays for Mom drop-in groups, workshops about various parenting subjects and more. Check them out and let me know what you think!


Mark Halley

Minneapolis - Uptown


Emily or Colin Hollidge


They are both very holistic and do a lot of yoga and other holistic care. I don't know what portion of their practice is couples, but I do know they see some.


Jennifer Leopold

Jennifer sees couples and is skilled with clients who have experienced trauma. I think she now does walk / talk therapy so you might love getting out in nature - but you might not want to cry out in nature publicly :)


Nancy Mulvey

St. Paul
Very experienced. She shares office space with another therapist named Thomas Wales with whom she collaborates. Sometimes they will each see a client individually from the same family and then do joint sessions together.


Georgianna Lewis

Mindfulness and writing-based therapy.