My Cancellation Policy

In the time I see 10 patients, most other acupuncturists see 18 - 25. This allows me to spend longer with each patient discussing their individual concerns, DIY help ideas, provide customized education, and when needed, a shoulder to cry on. It also allows me to be on-call, follow-up, respond and check-in when you are in between visits and be the best practitioner I can be. I wouldn't want to practice any other way and it's what makes Life Healing Life so unique!

With this level of care comes the need to schedule as efficiently as possible so that my regular patients get the help they need, those on my waiting list get an accurate and reliable timeline for getting started, and Life Healing Life stays on budget and my time and energy are valued too. Please know that every cancellation counts. So only take visits* you are relatively sure you will keep and know that going forward this Cancellation Policy will be enforced. * Changes to IVF transfers / retrievals or labor / delivery that are outside your control are not subject to the cancellation policy.



Any cancellation or reschedule
requires 48 hours notice

1st cancellation of < 48 Hours

You get 1 gimme per rolling calendar year - sick, car troubles, work meeting, or maybe just forgot. I know things happen.

No Charge

Any subsequent cancellations of < 48 Hours

You'll receive an emailed invoice with a link to securely and conveniently pay for the visit online. But make sure to see the Thinking of Cancelling? section below to at least do a portion of your visit via phone - I really dislike charging for nothing!

Full Price of Visit,
Includes An Optional 30 Minute Phone Consult

Frequent cancellations

Patients who habitually cancel with any amount of notice may be asked to only take standby visits and may not be allowed to schedule future visits.




Thinking about cancelling?

I don't like charging for nothing ... and I can only assume you don't like paying for nothing! If you have used your one gimme cancellation and must still cancel with < 48 hours notice and incur the fee, I am happy to do your regularly scheduled first 30 minutes of visit chat over the phone*. You will miss out on your acupuncture, but you will still get education and support over the phone. If applicable, I will also send resources via email regarding what we discuss over phone or email. For example, if you are sick I'll send DIY cold and flu care ideas! I do not offer the phone consult option on your first No Charge cancellation visit because I do my best to refill cancelled visits and that time may be filled by another patient. * I cannot do the 30 minute phone chat at other times - they must be done during the first 1/2 hour of your regularly scheduled visit. If you do not tell me in advance or cannot make this time work your visit will simply be cancelled and the fee will still apply.


Please do remember every cancellation counts.

Having a hard day physically or emotionally?
Come in! Bring your partner if you need extra support. There is great work we can do in these hard places.

Running late or need to leave early?
Come in! We can either skip the chatting or substitute a take-home sticker treatment and make the most of the time we have.

Sick but not contagious?
Come in! If you are through the early contagious stage and well enough to work but are still feeling off, we can do a treatment to resolve the tail end of any lingering illness faster.

Acutely sick and contagious?
Ugh, but stay home! Rest is best here and running around will likely make your illness drag on and tax you. Let your energy rally to kick the illness and avoid spreading germs to others - it's a win win!

Bad weather?
If Minneapolis public schools close due to severe weather I will close too and no fees apply. If Minneapolis public schools are open and you decide to cancel your visit due to weather the cancellation policy does still apply.  

Other stuff?
Of course I respect your needs and your judgement and am thankful for your understanding on my Cancellation Policy.



Still need to cancel?

If you've read and understand my policy and options above, but still need to cancel on short notice, please use the button below.