Option 1

Just a Quick Hello! If you just want to pop in, make the big introduction and say hello I’d LOVE to meet your little one! Just email me and we’ll figure out a time either before or after one of my regular shifts. We can have a cup of tea and visit for 15-20 minutes and just catch up a bit. If others are working in the space and crying is a factor we can go to another area in the building or for a stroll around the block too!

option 2

Tag-team + Some TLC! If you’d like to introduce me to baby and you’d like an acupuncture session you are very welcome to bring a helper along to watch baby while you do your session. I can meet your little one and then your helper can be with baby while we do the rest of the visit and you can get a little new momma TLC. If crying is a factor, I can make sure the clubroom down the hall or the lobby upstairs are accessible for your baby and helper to hang out in. We need to be respectful of others in the space, possible baby triggers, etc. but we can make it work! Just let me know if you’re planning this and I’ll be ready to roll. Cost: same as a normal visit. Length of Visit: 75 minutes (normal visit)

option 3

Acupuncture + Extra! If you don’t have a helper to bring along you can also schedule an extended visit (1 hour 45 minutes). This essentially is a visit that takes up BOTH of my overlapping visit times which insures that I do not have any overlapping patient in the clinic and allows me to give you the extra 1/2 hour of either talk time OR extra rest time OR 50/50 (whatever you need)! While you are resting I’m happy to play nanny and watch baby (I’m your helper)! To be respectful of others, we do need to schedule these durning times when my colleauges are not in the clinic in case there is crying. Email me if you are interested and I’ll give you some options! Cost: the same as TWO normal visits. Length of Visit: 105 minutes.