The "Mother Load"

" What an exciting / nerve-wracking time This is! You're at the brink of a meeting your little one and the next phase of your journey. here's a whole bunch of goodies to set you up for success both physically and emotionally as you leap into the unknown. You've got this. "



Favorite Newborn Phase Mantras.

" Sanity over ideology. Sanity over ideology. Sanity over ideology. "

Think you were never going to co-sleep, but your baby won't sleep unless she's glued to you? Think you are going to co-sleep but every time your sleeping baby makes a peep it wakes you up and you get no sleep? There are so many examples where you think you're going to do one thing, but it doesn't really work for your baby and your body and life, so pick sanity over ideology and you'll do great! Keep checking back on this one - it's a keeper.


" Breath into the intensity. "

This is a really good one for those crazy, topsy-turvy days and learning curves. Even for labor itself! Surrender. It's like this now - and it's gonna be a little intense at times.


(B)resting After Birth.

These handy links will take you to some information about two big deal topics. 1) Postpartum rest and 2) a bonanza of breastfeeding and lactation info. In the postpartum rest guide you'll see why momma taking it easy the first weeks after birth are good for your own recovery, can help ease your baby's adjustment into this big and busy world, and create ripples that make long-term life easier for the whole family. In the breastfeeding guide you'll see tips for promoting healthy / increased milk supply, decreasing an overabundant milk supply and more. Read them ahead of time, come back for a refresher later.



This article is a lovely piece on how tender the emotions are in the final days of pregnancy.

In this piece you'll read about why becoming a mother is a powerful time in your life and and opportunity to "rebrand."


Emotional Support.

There are really caring, lovely people who want to help if you need it. I like to be sure new moms know this exists!

There’s an App for that!

Sign up for the awesome app Mahmee (especially if you’re a woman of color)! This app was “designed to help women during the weeks and months after they've given birth, via a mobile app that's designed to better connect new moms with health care and support, offering tools like surveys to assess their postpartum emotional and physical health. The goal? To reduce maternal deaths and complications.” Cool right!


Comfort and Healing.

Handy little healing burritos to make ahead of time and store in the freezer. The fluid is great for perineal irrigation bottles too!


Find Your Crew.

A nice searchable database for things like postpartum doulas, night nurses, photographers, lactation consultants, etc.


Blood Building.

FYI - blood and milk are from the same source in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and even in the best birth scenario you will lose blood. It can be very helpful to take blood-building iron and eat foods that will build your blood back up more quickly. I like Floradix liquid iron as it doesn't make you constipated. Get it on Amazon or at the local co-op in the red bottle.


My Favorite Parenting Books.

 For body and baby care questions it's best to NOT have to go on the internet. Instead have actual actual solid answers at your finger tips without the freak out factor of bad online info. You may or may not opt for a more spaced out vaccine schedule (which this book advocates for), vaccine opinions aside this is the best resource for lots and lots of solid answers to your random newborn questions - why does my baby sneeze a lot? Is green poop okay? How do you get that booger out of a tiny nostril?  These are just some of the questions I've consulted The Baby Book on :)

For mental health and sanity - I love this book sooooo much! If you like the mantras you've learned with me and want to "drop the arrows" of would have, should haves and cultural pressures to be a perfect mom this is great nightstand reading to help remind you of a much more balanced and sane approach. 


" Hurray for nearing birthdays and home stretches! "