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New Clinic Happenings - The Space

Nicole LangeComment

Where to begin!?

The building - an historic, prewar 1920's art deco beauty.  With lovely gardens, optional valet parking, woodwork, terrazzo flooring, gorgeous elevators, grand portico entrance and so much more. I fell in love! Directly across from the Swedish Institute, in the heart of the city AND a pocket of historic manors and mansions. I believe being surrounded by community AND beauty are both good for the spirit!

The clinic itself occupies 1350 square feet of the building and is in the process of being built out. By the end of September 2015,  It will include three large treatment rooms, one room for therapy or consultations, two waiting areas, a private bathroom, and a workspace. A short way down the hall is an additional 700+ square foot teaching space where group acupuncture retreats, and other classes (watch for yoga, mindfulness training and more) will be held. 

The focus of the shared space is to continue and expand the care Life Healing Life has always offered AND bring together likeminded and fabulous practitioners in an inclusive environment where everyone is committed to compassionate education based care.  Other practitioners I hope to include at the space do amazing work such as: transformational coaching, bodywork (I dream of the best massages, including Thai massage), individual and couples therapy, and more. I'm excited to see things unfold and create a community of healing!

For out of town patients, I will be able to arrange on-site accommodations in a suite (think, hotel room in Downton Abbey). 

One more layer I'm excited to include is an even more specific focus on the environmental impact. Composting, green products and wind energy will be part of the big picture, I'm also repurposing some amazing thrift finds and decorating with the earth in mind. Low/No VOC paints, natural fibers, organic, humanely manufactured products are a must.  

I can't wait to give you a tour!