Actual Food for a Day - Day 2 (spoiler alert… fast food!)

Today is a great example of eating low carb high fat (LCHF) in REAL life… I went through the drive through of Wendy's while I was out running a bunch of errands :)  I tell people all the time. Eating this way means you will eat very differently than most people eat, but that doesn't mean it requires you to overhaul your entire existence, be constantly stressed or deprive yourself. It's totally doable, if you just always cut whatever carbs you can and make simple choices no matter where you are. 


Small glass of room temp water while preparing breakfast

1 scrambled egg with heavy cream and herby seasoning blend

1/8 cup steel cut oats plus 1/2 cup other stuff (today was sweet coconut coated cashews (from Trader Joe's), plain cashews, chia seeds, and heavy cream)

Another small glass (1 cup) room temp water with meal

Total Carbs Breakfast about 15g

Mid Morning Snack

Some green beans with a blob of peanut butter to dip and a cup of tea with heavy cream

Total Carbs about 5g

Lunch (on the go)

Wendy's 1/4 pound burger with the bottom bun removed, but the top one still on so I could eat it and drive :)

Unsweetened iced tea (small)

substitute a caesar salad (leave off the croutons)

Total Carbs about 32g (If I would have eaten the full bun and croutons it would have been 60g of carbs, if I would have had the burger and fries instead of a salad it would have been 27g MORE and if I would have had a soda it would have been 25g more)  So the normal meal as is (in a small) is just shy of 100g of carbs!)

Mid Afternoon Snack

sliced up cucumber and a blob of brie cheese

room temp water

Total Carbs <1g


(again, I work so easier dinner)

Nachos only I start with just 10 tortilla chips then add 

1/8 cup black beans

Cheddar cheese 

Pop that in the microwave and melt the cheese

top with a bunch of mixed greens, avocado, red onion, green pepper, tomatillo salsa, full fat sour cream

Room temp water

Total Carbs about 30g


Cup of tea, cup of water

After work snack

a couple slices of salami and a carrot


Remember, I don't count any (non starchy) veggies in my carb count. Eat as many of these as you like!