Parenting After Fertility Struggles?

Parenting After Fertility Struggles?

Women and couples who have struggled years to bring a child into their families often feel blessed beyond words when their child(ren) finally arrives, be it through assisted technologies, adoption, or naturally! The babies born to parents who have worked so hard and long to hold them in their arms are the answer to their parents hopes, dreams and prayers. Many assume that, once this happens, life is magically "back to normal" and that all the heartache, stress and concerns of infertility disappear. It is a rude awakening to realize this often is not the case… from repairing a battered and bruised sex life, to navigating the world of third party concerns like birth parents, donor DNA and assisted technology kids and considering if/when you might try for another when it is likely to bring more challenges. 

If you are navigating these, or other, issues that come with parenting after infertility, I hope you will check out this new online community that is made with you in mind!

 Beyond Infertility has both public and private content as well as forums with lots of other parents with questions and concerns you might also be struggling with - and lots of support too!

I am honored to be an "expert" on this site and to be contributing articles, answers and my know how where appropriate. Look for future articles from me on choosing to be less busy with our kids, gratitude, blessing-way baby showers, and why it is okay, not to feel magically blissful after your baby arrives (there are after all a lot of diapers to be changed and dishes to do!).

Other current topics on forums include dealing with how much to tell teachers and daycare, how to balance work and family, how to reconnect with your partner, getting your body back and more.