Simple Places to Start - Low Carb, High Fat

Sometimes when I recommend high fat, low carb to people they balk at the idea. It feels so completely topsy turvy from what most Americans eat that it is hard to wrap one's mind around it at first. Plus counting carbs and obsessively reading labels feels like a whole lot of stress.

If this sounds like you (ie. changing to LCHF makes smoke start coming out of your ears!) here are a few things you could do that probably won't make smoke come out of your ears (and will actually put you well on your way to low carbs/high fat).

At breakfast, substitute an egg or two (any way you like) for cereal, oatmeal, or whatever grain you usually eat… the easiest way to do this is to make enough hard boiled on the weekend to last the week OR purchase them pre boiled and peeled. Eat whatever else you eat for breakfast.

If you are having something that usually involves bread or a bun ask yourself if you could switch to: open faced with 1/2 the bread, on a plate with no bread, or on top of greens instead of bread.

If you are having something that usually involves pasta make 1/2 the amount you typically would and substitute more veggies and/or meat to make up for the bulk you lose.

Ditto for salads that involve beans, quinoa, couscous, etc… just make less of these things and bulk up the veggies.

If you are having something that you would normally serve a side of grains/starch (ie. a potato, rice, etc.) substitute a side salad and full fat dressing.

To be snack ready, buy plenty of nuts, peanut butter, yummy full fat dressing, guacamole, good full fat cheeses and LOTS of veggies = infinite possible combinations - carrots and PB, sugar peas and almonds, green beans and guacamole, brie and broccoli, celery and PB, walnuts and carrots, just a scoop of PB on a spoon, blue cheese and cucumbers…).

Avoid or reduce sugary drinks and find substitutes that do not have sugar (water, iced tea, dandy blend, mineral water, a glass of red wine…)

Don't worry about counting carbs, just try these things and see if they can get the ball rolling!  It's easier than you think and SO tasty. 

Good luck!