BBC documentary: The Science of Acupuncture

This is a re-post of sorts from my old blog featuring a great documentary from BBC looking into whether acupuncture works and HOW it works (and it's done by a bunch of skeptics, so it makes it even better!)

On a personal note, over the years I am constantly surprised at how many people who are (rightly) nervous at the prospect of having me stick needles into their body tell me that, once they've had time to sit with their needles in, receiving acupuncture puts them into the deepest state of relaxation they can ever recall being in.

This BBC documentary really speaks to that. If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, just skip to the last 10 minutes (from minute 47). In this final 10 minutes they conduct an experiment where people suffering from chronic pain are placed into the most powerful fMRI machine in the world and researchers analyze what happens in their brain when acupuncture needles are placed in a single point (for pain) and manipulated. The visual results are STUNNING. The brain actually quiets down and goes black on the MRI (as opposed to the colored up, active brains prior to acupuncture!)