What Does Life Healing Life's Exclusive Focus on Fertility, Emotional & Women's Health Mean for YOU?

What Does Life Healing Life's Exclusive Focus on Fertility, Emotional & Women's Health Mean for YOU?

While many clinics claim to treat women's health & fertility, Life Healing Life is the first and remains the leader in EXCLUSIVELY working in these areas. Nearly 85% of patients at LHL are trying to conceive or are happily pregnant after fertility/loss challenges. The remaining 15% are women's health and emotional health specific. What this means for you as a patient is a clinic that is truly in tune with your needs and a depth of understanding that is unsurpassed! Specific benefits include:

The most thorough knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and fertility & obstetrics available. Nearly all of Nicole's experience, continuing education and self study are in her areas of focus.

Extensive knowledge of Western Medical treatments. Over half the women working with LHL are utilizing some sort of Western treatment for fertility such as IUI & IVF. Nicole is well versed and experienced in supporting these important treatments (physically and emotionally).

Commitment. At LHL we know how important each step of this journey is as well as how time sensitive and uncontrollable much of the timing is. Nicole is committed to being as available as possible to support her patients personally on important days like day of embryo transfer, IUI, labor preparation and more. Nicole has also worked extensively with several other acupuncturists to be sure she has the highest quality back ups in the event she is personally unable to be there. Most specifically, Amy DePoint has filled in for both of Nicole's maternity leaves and is a part of the Life Healing Life team as Nicole's first back-up.  Nicole enthusiastically collaborates where the need arrives and has seen great outcomes in these cases.

Fertility Connections. Nicole has been a guest speaker at the areas top fertility clinics and knows the doctors and clinics of the Twin Cities (and some way beyond) well! This can help her put you in contact with the best practitioners for your needs and answer questions on your journey. Nicole is also thrilled to have worked with many couples navigating the world of both domestic and international adoption. She has some GREAT connections for those couples considering these options.

Building Your Support Team: Nicole prides herself on being able to connect women and couples with the best possible practitioners to support their journey in whatever way is best for them. Her fertility and pregnancy specific support network include psychologist, therapists, massage therapists, energy workers, support groups, birth professionals, lactation consultants, dieticians, doulas, yoga instructors, and more.

Resources. LHL has a lending library on site filled with many books, cds, dvds, and other tools for you to use for no cost. These resources can help you make lifestyle changes and try new things without adding to the stress of financial strain. The LHL blog is also full of info you can use (patient or non-patient alike), as is the FAV section of the LHL blog where you can find reliable links to good information as well as some more personal links like great blogs and good distractions.

Education. More than just needles and herbs, Nicole's true goal as a practitioner is to educate and empower you! From teaching new ways to think about foods and eating, exercise, stress reduction, emotional expression, and more. To how you think about the world and your personal philosophy. To explaining the logistics of fertility drugs, protocols, tests and more. LHL is all about the education!

A Healthy Planet. In addition to specific patient benefits, Nicole is committed to broader wellness for the planet and the future. Green efforts include choosing low impact cleaning and office products and reducing waste. LHL also regularly contributes on behalf of patients and their babies (living and lost) to KIVA.org - a great microloan organization that helps make the world a better place for women and families all over the globe.