Working With Life Healing Life

I am passionate about truly patient-centered holistic care, and uncompromising when it comes to ensuring each and every woman I work with receives the benefits from the very best knowledge, treatments and support available, and also feels truly cared for (this is what holistic medicine is REALLY about)! This means I work differently than most acupuncturists. I see an average of 25 women per week (and work 50+ hours per week), which means I do more for fewer patients. But those I work with will always get my all!

I am an educator.

The foundation of my practice is the idea that a superior practitioner doesn't just treat disease, but rather teaches and informs. My regular patient visits are 75 minutes each, and I spend 30 - 45 minutes of every single visit on education and Q&A. So in the time where most acupuncturist would race through 10 patients, I focus on 6. I do this for several reasons:

1.  No one is more powerful than you when it comes to your health and wellness. I can attempt to "fix" you, and you can walk out the door and undo it all. I can boss you around, but this never will get to the root of the issue or make you better (stressed yes, better no). However, if I teach and inspire you, you can walk out the door and we will build on our work together, get faster results, you'll see me fewer times, get greater results and feel empowered and truly be well. Not just while you are paying me to get to healthy, but always! It's the whole "teach a man to fish" idea at its finest. Did you know patient education isn't even taught in acupuncture school? I teach other practitioners on an international level just how important it is and how to do it!

2.  Your mind is powerful! Placebo effect elicits significant positive results 30% of the time, whether it's a pill, a procedure or a process. If you are confident and engaged in any form of medicine, your brain will help you heal. As a mind/body practitioner I LOVE this and aim to help you make full use of it. Who wouldn't want this extra bonus layer of healing? If this idea sounds strange to you, check out this TED MED talk on How Placebo Makes Good Medicine Better

3.  It's what I was searching for myself and you deserve no less. I came to holistic medicine as a patient first because I was sick of being treated piecemeal by practitioners who didn't know me from the next person who walked through their door. When I realized there was an option to practice medicine in a way that was different than this I was electrified! I want to know you. I don't just care for each and every one of my patients, I care about them. I know their joys, I know their struggles. I know the nicknames they have for their partners, their superstitions, their hobbies, their jobs. I celebrate with them when they have joys and hold them up when they are suffering. I am honored to work on this level and wouldn't want to practice any other way.

I am an expert practitioner.

Since 2006, 85 - 90% of the patient I work with are women going through fertility struggles or in subsequent pregnancies. The remaining 10 - 15% are emotional health or women's health patients only. From 2003 - 2006, while I earned my master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I also completed hundreds of additional hours of CEUs and self study on my three areas of specialty - fertility, obstetrics and emotional health. I exceed the CEUs required for my national licensure each year and spend an average of 5 - 10 hours per week on professional development. This means if there is a new fertility study or treatment, I will know about it. If there is a new book published on fertility it is on my nightstand. And if I don't know about something you want to know, I am dedicated to learning it so I can help you and others.

I am committed to your care.

When you work with me, you truly work with me. I work 3 nights every week in addition to my daytime hours so that you have appointment times that work for you. I do not see more women than my spaces comfortably allow so that you can get in when you need to on a regular basis. I arrange my schedule to be as available as possible for on-call day of embryo transfer visits at CCRM, CRM & RMIA. I can often do postpartum house calls or see women in labor. I also spend 5 - 10 hours per week via email and phone communicating with my regular patients about their questions, concerns and needs between visits. I offer monthly support groups that are completely free to help combat the sense of isolation that comes with infertility and create community.

I know fertility is time sensitive and I can only do so much, so I am working on ways to help more women and will be launching new Life Healing Life videos in 2016. I also have an independent colleague (Gina Fabiano of Heal OM) who is my back up while I am on vacation or for those waiting to see me with time sensitive needs or those who cannot see me. Gina's practice operates out of the holistic wellness clinic I opened in fall of 2015 - Spaces at Life Healing Life. Although we are independent, we make a great team.

I am grateful.

When you invite me into your life it truly touches my heart. I am forever humbled and thankful to do work that I love so very much. I aim to pay it forward wherever I can. This practice is called Life Healing Life, not doctor healing patient, as our relationship goes both ways. If you choose to work with me, I hope you will love it as much as I will love working with you!

Getting Started

So, should you want to work with me you have a few options.

Start with a longer visit. This is for those wanting to go in-depth and dig in deep right away. We'll go over your whole history and do some up-front education to get the ball rolling. One 2.5 hour visit with a written report about you and my recommendations. Price: $300. Wait Time (updated mid July 2016): 1 - 2 weeks for those with daytime openings, or 3-4 months for patients who require evening appointments only.

Jump into regular visits. This option would be most appropriate for those wanting education based on what is happening right now and willing to do it in smaller installments (one piece per visit). We'll do 30 minutes of either education or Q&A per visit and start with what is most time sensitive. Each appointment is 75 minutes. Price: $110. Wait Time (updated July 2016): Currently 2 weeks for those with daytime openings, 2-3 months for patients who require evening appointments only.

I do offer those on my waiting list two options for getting care while waiting. 

Standby visits: I'll email those waiting every Friday by 2pm the options for the following week. You cannot book more than 1 week out at a time, but can get some visits in this way and lay some of the foundations of lifestyle/self care.  The weeks you do not see me, my colleague Gina Fabiano is also happy to offer her free spaces to those who would like to see her.

See Gina while you wait: if scheduling week to week via standby doesn't work for you, you can see Gina and schedule out with her (as her availability allows) until you get to the top of my wait list. When your name gets to the top you can decide to switch, stay with Gina or (maybe!) you won't even need us by then :)

Get time sensitive on-site care: For those undergoing IVF embryo transfers, wishing to "induce" labor, those with breech babies, or other time sensitive needs. I am happy to see as many additional patients per week with these time sensitive needs as my schedule allows. If I cannot provide the service you require, I will try my very best to connect you with Gina or another practitioner who can help you. Time and prices vary. Prices: House calls (single treatment 1.5 - 2 hours) $160, IVF on-site (two treatments same day on site with 2ww education and support 3.5 - 4.5 hours) $275, time sensitive at my office (single treatment) $110 - $150 depending if during regular hours or off hours. Wait Time: No wait, I'll do as many of these as I can!

* I do not accept insurance for reasons you can likely infer, but if you'd like to understand this even better, feel free to read this post!