New Member Guide

Now that you’ve joined the collective, let’s get you started!


Things To Do

Keys, Security Deposit and Final Walk-Through

We need to set up a date and time to meet at the space so I can give you your set of keys for the building and our suite, and also collect a check for your security deposit (one month’s rent) and your first month’s rent. There’s no rush just as long as we set up something before your lease actually starts. We’ll also use that time to also do another walk-through of the space, point out the available storage options for you when you’re ready to move in, and even make sure you know where light switches are. I’m happy to do it whenever you’re ready to, just reach out via email to schedule something with me!

Bio, Photo and Business Info

I like to make framed bios for our shelves in the waiting area to introduce those that are part of the collective and give you a nice spot to put your business cards. You can opt out if you want, but if you are willing please send me :

Brief Professional / Personal Bio
Written in first person, share what you want about you
Approximately 50 - 60 words

High Res Photo
Headshots work best - casual or business

Official Business Name

Services Offered

A Business Web Link

If you can also send me a link to your website to use on our quaint Spaces at Life Healing Life site where we list who is a part of the collective. If you don’t have a website that you want to use, or if you just prefer, the link can instead act as an action to create an email to you, or lead to a social media page, etc. One link, but to whatever you prefer professionally.


This is the official name for the online room management service we use. It’s in place so that everyone in the collective can see when and which rooms are in use - it is not where you schedule your clients, that one’s up to you. Please let me know your starting schedule as soon as you have it figured out and I’ll help you get your room reserved to start. If you have consistent days / times you plan to work each week, I’ll help get that set up for you as recurring room use. It can always be adjusted, but best to have it in place so you can at least start booking your clients accordingly. We’ll cover more details about using SKEDDA later too, but first things first, watch for an email invite from SKEDDA to set up some account details and email me with your starting schedule.

Certificate of Insurance

As you know, we have you sign a waiver in the agreements saying you will not hold Life Healing Life responsible if you have any client claims brought up agains you. But the building and association of 2615 Park Ave requires a certificate of insurance from each business owner to be on file every year. I’ll be the go-between for you, and I’ll share a little more detail in the near future about getting that document, the additional insured wording that they specifically need added to your policy, etc.


Visitor Arrival Guide

We carefully put together this resource for you personally to use and get comfortable with the parking options and building entry process of course, but it’s primarily for you to send the link to your clients to share where they should go to enter the north side of the building, the exterior door code, parking options, etc. We want to make sure your guests arrive for their appointment as relaxed as possible! You can simply right-click on the button below and select ‘copy link’ and use the link in any emails to your clients, or you can click the button and download the Visitor Arrival Guide as a pdf and send them the actual file - it’s up to you. There’s another client-accessible link to the guide near the bottom of the front page of our site.

Online Resources for the Collective

These are on our website as a protected page so only those in the collective can access it. It’s a one-stop shop that has all sorts of important resources and reminders that you may want to bookmark - my contact info, amenities list for your clients and you, 26th Street entrance door code, wi-fi password, and also links to the SKEDDA calendar and club room reservation requests and this New Member Guide.

Password | iworkhere



That’s it!

Get the ball rolling on the to-do items above, I’ll follow up with more info on a few of them as we get closer too, and I want to make sure you know you can always reach out with questions on anything.