returning patients


Haven't been in regularly for 3+ months?
Here's how it works!

Past Patients can always book 1 visit every 3 months.

This allows an occasional tune-up, a bit of education / reminders to get back on track, or help with needs that pop up. 


Want to come in more frequently again?

Please give me as much notice as possible if you would like to come back as a regular patient. I’ll need to put you on my wait list, which can be as long as six months for evening visits, and the more notice you give me the more likely I'll be able to get you started when you want to start.  

I know being on a wait list sounds frustrating. But this ensures that I don’t bump any of my "current regulars" of the spots they are counting on and respects the time estimates I’ve given those who are already on my wait list - but read on.


I want to see you, so Here's a perk.

If anyone ahead of you on the wait list passes on her spot, I'll offer it to the next past patient instead of the next new patient in line to try to get past patients in faster.  This still respects the regular's needs and the estimates I've given. Do note, at times there may be multiple past patients on the wait list too, so again, the more notice you give the better. 



Some options in the meantime.

My Standby list.

Anyone on the wait list who wants regular visits can opt in to be emailed any short-term openings or last minute cancellations. An email will come each Friday afternoon if there are any openings in the following 2 weeks that my regular patients haven’t filled, or in real time when there are last minute appointment cancellations.


Meet Gina.

I also have an awesome colleague who works in my office and can often see women while they are on my wait list. Her name is Gina Fabiano of Nurture. If you were to see Gina at all I would be sure to share your history and treatment strategies we’ve used and give her a password protected file for you.


Ready? Here’s what to do. 


Get In Touch with me.

The button below will take you to my Contact page where you can complete the Work with Nicole form to share your ideal start date, availability preferences, contact info, etc.


Update your patient file.

If it’s been more than a year since you've been in, hit the button below and then select the I’m Starting As A New Patient option. I know you’re not “new” per se, but roll with me on this one - depending on when I saw you last, it may have been before I went digital. And even if not, there's a lot of things that can change in even a short amount of time and I'd love to hit the ground running.