" One of the best decisions I have made is to work with women in a unique way that allows me to spend a wonderful amount of time during each visit getting to talk, hearing updates with your health and what you're experiencing, share education topics and DIY ideas so that once you leave we can keep the momentum going. It also allows me the ability to be a resource for you even when you are not in the clinic at a visit. "



All of this leads to a better relationship with my patients, and a really high level of care that goes way beyond simply trying to 'fix' you with needles. Because I don't rush through visits and I focus on seeing only a set number of women at a time, I typically always have a waiting list. The graphic below will give you an idea of where things are for considering new patients. But even if the wait is longer than you may have hoped, never fear! I have some great options to offer you while you wait, and I’m hopeful it’ll still be doable for us to make something work. 



Morning or afternoon visits.


Evening visits.


IVF transfers only.



Options while you wait.
1, 2 or 3 - pick any or all.


My standby and cancellations list.

In addition to simply waiting around on the Wait List, this is a way to grab visits here and there while you wait. It’s a lot like flying standby where I can offer what my regular patients don’t fill on a shorter-notice basis, which can actually be nice as you sort out what acupuncture feels like for your body and mind and decide what’s really going to serve you best.

If you opt to go on these lists, here’s how they work. At the end of each week a Standby List email goes out offering any visits that haven’t been filled by my current group of regulars patients for the coming 2 weeks. If something works, just follow the steps on that email to get in your request. If we get any short-notice cancellations for higher demand visits, we’ll also send out a Cancellation List email to offer those openings to women waiting. Both of these types of visits always go first come, first serve.



See my colleague.

While you are waiting, the lovely Gina Fabiano of HealOM is my main backup. Gina’s own practice is right in my office and she can also see women while they are waiting to get in with me. She’s done quite a bit of additional training with me., and some people get to the top of my Wait List and either stick with Gina, or do a hybrid of seeing us both. We just want you to get what you need!



My official wait list.

When your name gets to the top of the list I’ll contact you to see if you're still ready to get started. If so, I'll get you the scheduling password so you can start booking whatever visits work for you.