5 simple ( but ever-so-important ) steps.

We want everything to run smoothly, not only to ensure the donations are made, but also to make sure your visit is relaxing and beneficial for you. Please read and follow ALL 5 of the steps below. That way you know you've covered all the necessary details and get a feel for the process - especially if this is your first time participating. 


Each Needles For Needs treatment, whether with Gina or Nicole, is 45 minutes long. The appointment start times for each practitioner are listed below in their schedules and you can book your treatment based on their availability. Once you're scheduled you'll get email confirmatons and reminders for your own peace of mind!


In order to receive a treatment you must complete both of the following online forms which include a thorough intake to help us learn about your big-picture, as well as the required consent giving permission to use needles in your treatment, HIPAA, etc. Forms must be completed and submitted at least 48 hours prior to your treatment. If you've been in to see your selected provider in the past 6 months, then you're all set - no forms for you!


Ready for the first part of feeling good? Head to one (or both) of the organization's websites below, learn about their services, and make your contribution online. It's that easy to do some good in this world at a time when we can help. Remember, a minimum donation of $50 is required to receive your free treatment, but of course contribute more if that's what is in your heart. You can even get creative and split your total donation between the two causes. And check with your employer, some offer a matching program for charitable donations!


After you make your donation, either print out a copy to bring the day of your treatment, or have it available to pull up on your phone. You can even email us a copy ahead of time if you prefer to not risk forgetting! Please remember, without a receipt and proof of donation we will not be able to provide your treatment. Sorry, but we need to make sure everyone is holding up their end of the agreement, just as we will be doing!


Needles For Needs is held in the wellness center of Spaces at Life Healing Life. Our building address is below, but note our clinic uses the 26th Street entrance on the north side of the building. So click on the arrival guide for more details on parking options, where to go when you arrive, how to get into the building, etc.

2615 Park Ave S, Suite B4
Minneapolis, MN 55407