New to acupuncture?
First time trying Needles For Needs?


will i get a cool sticker?

We know this is probably the most pressing question you have, and our answer is - absolutely!


Your pulse and tongue may be observed. We will always make sure to share and explain what it is that we are seeing.

Acupuncture is typically done with most clothing on. If possible, wear loose clothes that are comfortable to lay down and rest in. If you need to remove an item for your treatment we will always make sure you are properly draped. 

A typical acupuncture treatment with us involves 10 - 20 acupuncture needles and the possible addition of other modern and traditional Chinese medicine accessory techniques. We promise, no leeches.

Acupuncture needles will be retained for 20 - 30 minutes per session. Our treatment rooms have dimmable lighting, eye pillows, a variety of music or meditations to select, white noise devices, table heaters, infrared heaters, and a bell to ring should you need anything. You should feel totally pampered and peaceful.  

 Full stomach or empty stomach?

Eat something within 4 or 5 hours of your visits, and avoid extreme exercise prior to acupuncture. If you are very hungry or exhausted, acupuncture may result in feeling light-headed or nauseated.


What If I'm Feeling Under The WEather?

If you are only mildly ill, acupuncture is wonderful to get you back on your feet! But if you ask yourself, "Would I go to work like this?" and the answer is "no", then we'd ask you to cancel your visit and rest instead.


Are Treatments Ok during my CYCLE?

Acupuncture is appropriate at any phase of your menstrual cycle. We will always ask where you are in your cycle and adjust our point selection to best fit your current phase.


What If I'm Kinda NERVOUS about needles?

If you are nervous about needles, don’t be afraid to let us know. Acupuncture needles are far different than needles you may be picturing in Western healthcare. We have some great techniques to help you give it a try and most people end up loving it!


What if I already made a donation earlier in the year?

First off, that is fantastic! Secondly, to qualify for the free treatment we do require the donations be made to the selected organizations at most 60 days prior to our event. We'll be tracking the donation amounts and we want to make sure that the event itself is making a positive impact for these organizaitons - not just take advantage of "donation coincidence."


Why Do I Need My Receipt?

Receipt, donation confirmation, whatever you'd like to call it - this is our proof that the time and cost we are putting in to provide treatments is creating positive ripples in the world. Remember, once you make your donation you can simply print the confirmation to bring the day of, or if you received an email confirmation you can either pull out your phone and show that to us when checking in, or even forward the email ahead of time to us (as long as it doesn't include sensitive info). We want it to be easy and painless for you to show us that your donation qualifies, but we do need to know it qualifies.


I Forgot My Receipt.

Not actually a question, but see above. Please, please make sure when you make a donation prior to the event date that you have some way to provide or show your proof of donation when you check in. It will spoil the mood of giving to have to turn a treatment down, but we do need to stick to our rules on this, so no receipt means no treatment.


Can I suggest an organization?

Yes, yes, yes! We would love to hear of organizaitons, both local and global, that are doing great things. So feel free to provide us with the name of an organization you feel is doing wonderful work. Each Needles For Needs event will feature only 2 selected organizations that qualify for the free treatment, but with your recommendations we can look into other causes and hopefully raise donations for them at a future event.


Why Can't I Just Pay You directly at the event?

It does sound simpler, but when you talk with an accountant about the best way to make donations, it's going to be remove the middle man. We looked into taking your payments ourselves and then donating in one lump sum, but the result is 1) less efficient use of the donation due to reporting taxes, 2) you wouldn't get the benefit of your own donation deduction, and 3) as much as we know we are trustworthy, you wouldn't know exactly where your money went. We want 100% of your donations to go to good causes to make their biggest impact, plain and simple.