The Day Before Your Transfer

“ Yay! And EEK! ”
( Both together. )


" Your transfer day is almost here and I'm so excited to be there with you! here are a few tips and reminders to HELP your day go nice and smooth. "



Get it together.

Gather what you'll need to bring a head of time. Read on and you'll see a clinic-specific packing list for the 3 clinics I go to.




Get personal.

Make a playlist, bring a guided meditation, wear matching good luck socks, and bring on the fertility trinkets, prayer cards, photos or good luck charms! Any little touches that will make your day feel more you is lovely and very welcome.




Be scent-free.

Remember - no fragrance! Avoid strong fragrances that will linger on your body and travel through the air. Embryos don't do well when exposed to the chemicals in synthetic fragrances like those in perfumes, colognes and hairsprays.



Get cozy.

Feeling comfy and warm will help you relax, so bring a sweatshirt or sweater that you can put over your upper body, toasty socks and even a stocking cap if you tend to run cold. Having layers available can help reduce unnecessary stress. I'll have ways to warm you up like heating pads and warm blankets, but sometimes these clinics are really cold. So better safe than sorry!




Snacks anyone?

If your transfer is over a mealtime or your have a long commute home you might want to pack something to eat. It's fine to eat before and after your transfer, and if this cycle is the one you might always remember that peanut butter granola bar you ate on the big day :)




Get there, with time to spare.

If you get there too early you can always kill the extra time with something sweet - a little car make-our session, a prayer, belting out a good song, or a little stroll around the block. Better to arrive relaxed and be intentional with some extra time than to arrive frazzled and irritated with traffic.




" ARE You Worried about your bladder? "



Packing Lists

This list was updated 8/2017.
If you are told differently by your clinic please make sure to use their up-to-date instructions!




You can bring your own water bottle, but they also have them there. They'll provide the rest!


Water bottle you can drink from while laying down - either sealed or with a bendy straw, Valium


Water bottle you can drink from while laying down - either sealed or with a bendy straw, your patient ID #, Valium and any over-the-counter pain medication if you were told to take this


General extras.

Camera or a phone - with a full charge - to take photos
Extra layers to stay warm
Music playlist or meditations
Special good luck, faith, personal items that make the day feel special!




" See you soon!
When in doubt, Breathe. You're doing it! "